Academic Program Proposals From Degree-Granting Institutions Authorized to Operate in the State of Maryland

Off-Campus Programs

A program proposal for an off-campus program shall contain the following information regarding need and demand for extending the program and the impact the program may have on similar programs that may exist in the region:

  1. The title of the program and the degree or certificate to be awarded;
  2. The resource requirements for the program and the source of funds to support the program for the first 2 years of program implementation; 
  3. The need and demand for the program in terms of:
    1. Specific local, regional and State need for graduates;
    2. Job opportunities available to those who complete the program; and 
    3. Evidence of market demand through supporting data, including results of surveys that have recently been conducted;

  4. A description of the following, if a similar program is offered within the same geographical region of the State:
    1. Similarities or differences in the degree to be awarded;
    2. Area of specialization; and 
    3. Specific academic content of the program;
  5. A description of the method of instructional delivery, including distance education, on-site faculty, and the mix of full-time and part-time instructors; and 
  6. A brief description of the academic oversight, quality control, and student services to be provided.
  7. Provision for adequate and appropriate library resources within reasonable distance of the instructional site or through institution-sponsored electronic collections and databases.​