College Preparation Intervention Program


Purpose: The College Preparation Intervention Program (CPIP) is a State grant program which supports Maryland’s college access and completion goals as defined in Maryland Ready, the State’s 2013-2017 State Plan for Postsecondary Education and the College and Career Readiness and College Completion Act of 2013. CPIP provides financial support for institutions of higher education (IHE) to partner with high need local education agencies (LEA) to develop and implement successful strategies that help low income and underrepresented students complete high school and enroll in college.

Authorization: Annotated Code of Maryland, Education Article, Subtitle 7. College Preparation Intervention Program, §§ 11-701 through 11-705.

Support to GEAR UP: This annual competitive grant program supports the federally funded Maryland Gaining Early Awareness and Readiness for Undergraduate Programs (GEAR UP) as the state matching fund. CPIP, an early intervention program, requests that higher education institutions form partnerships with at least one high need local education agency. Additional LEAs, community organizations and businesses may be included as partners to provide program interventions that encourage young people--especially students from low income communities--to aim higher, study harder, and take the courses required for college admission and success.

Eligibility: An accredited Maryland public or independent two- or four-year institution of higher education. Partnerships between a lead higher education institution and a non-profit organization are welcome.

Project Period: May 22, 2017 – May 31, 2018

Application Due Date: Closed

Send application to:

Dr. Benee' Edwards, Grants Management Manager
Outreach and Grants Management
Maryland Higher Education Commission
6 N. Liberty Street, 10th Floor
Baltimore, MD 21201
Phone: 410-767-3377

  CPIP RFP FY 2017   CPIP Final Report Budget Summary FY 2017​​

  Appendix A Maryland LEA School Sites  ​ Appendix A Maryland LEA School Sites ​
​  Appendix B Maryland and Common Core State        Standards  ​  Appendix B Maryland and Common Core      
     State Standards 
​  Appendix C Content Standards  ​ Appendix C Content Standards 
​  Appendix D Proposal Forms  ​ Appendix D Proposal Forms 
​  Appendix E Report Forms   ​ Appendix E Report Forms​
​  Appendix F Student and Parent/Family      
     Guidelines for Program Services​
​  Appendix F Student and Parent/Family    
     Guidelines for Program Services 

Note:  List of Changes

  CPIP RFP FY 2016 - Revised ​  CPIP RFP FY 2016 - Revised​​
 CPIP Final Report Budget Summary FY 2016​

 ​ Appendix A Maryland LEA School Sites 
​  Appendix B Content Standards ​  Appendix B Content Standards 
​  Appendix C Proposal Forms   ​ Appendix C Proposal Forms 
​  Appendix D Report Forms   Appendix D Report Forms