Closure of Frederick School of Cosmetology


Location:         403 S Jefferson St, Frederick, MD 21701

Program:         Cosmetology (1500 Clock Hours)

Effective Date of Closure:       September 10, 2019


For Students Who were Enrolled at the Time of Closure:

If you were a Frederick School of Cosmetology student at the time of its closure, and you paid for your education out-of-pocket and/or through private loans, you may be entitled to a tuition refund.  If you have not done so already, please review the information below for ACTIVELY ENROLLED and ATTENDING students.

The following document explains in detail your options and instructions:

FSC_Student Options and Instructions.pdfFSC_Student Options and Instructions.pdf

There are 3 separate options available to students who were enrolled at Frederick School of Cosmetology in Maryland at the time of closure.  


1.  Pursue a federal loan discharge and/or state refund of self-paid or private lender monies paid to the school

FSC_Refund Claim Form.pdfFSC_Refund Claims Form

2.  Pursue a teach-out at a state-approved teach-out school (cost not to exceed original Frederick School of Cosmetology contract).

Teach-out for Frederick School of Cosmetology from The Temple .pdfTeach-out for Frederick School of Cosmetology from The Temple

3.  Pursue a self-chosen/determined transfer to another school (subject to all transfer policies of the accepting school)


If a student chooses option #1 the student cannot pursue a teach-out or transfer (options #2 or #3).

If a student chooses a teach-out or transfer option (options #2 or #3), then the student cannot pursue option #1.

FSC_Student Survey.pdfFSC_Student Survey - This document must be completed and submitted to MHEC in order for you to indicate your choice.

Any questions should be directed to



MHEC staff is currently working to obtain transcripts from Frederick School of Cosmetology.  Please check back to our website at a later date for information on how to obtain a copy of your transcript for this school.


MHEC staff will continue to update

these relevant pages as more details are finalized.