Financial Aid Officer Timeline

Program / Document Deadlines​​​

Program, Application or Documents Deadline Date
FAFSA Before March 1
Howard P. Rawlings Educational Assistance Grants On time FAFSA ~ automatic if eligible
​Howard P. Rawlings Guaranteed Access Grants ​On time FAFSA & while funding remains
​Campus-Based Educational Assistance Grant Awards ​FAFSA dated March 1 or later ~ Offered at school's discretion
​Senatorial Scholarship Program ​Awarding ends in late March
​Delegate Scholarship Program ​Awarding ends in late March
​Edward T. Conroy and Jea​n B. Cryor Memorial Scholarship Program ​July 15 submit application to the school
​Tuition Waiver for Maryland Foster Care Recipients ​On time FAFSA ~ At discretion of the school
​Graduate Nursing Faculty Scholarship and Living Expense Grant Fall Semester- July 1
Spring Semester- December 1
Summer Semester- April 1​
​Jack F. Tolbert Memorial Grant ​None ~ Awards are made by the schools
​Veterans of the Afghanistan and Iraqi Conflicts Scholarship ​All required documentation must be received by March 1
Workforce Shortage Student Assistance Grant Program ​July 1
​Graduate and Professional Scholarship Program ​On time FAFSA & at discretion of the schools
​Part-Time Grant Program ​On time FAFSA & at discretion of the schools
​Janet L. Hoffman Loan Assistance Repayment Program ​September 30
​Maryland Loan Assistance Repayment Program for Physicians (MLARP) ​April 15
​Loan Assistance Repayment Program Dent-Care (MDC-LARP) ​August 31

Roster & Reports Deadlines​​​

Roster and Reports Due Date
Cost of Attendance Information February 28
Subsequent Awards ~ CBEAG January 15
Return Unspent Part-Time Grant Funds March 15
CBEAG, Part-Time, Grad & Prof End of Year Report August 15
CBEAG Initial Report October 15
GPA Roster July
Verification Roster / Online Verification July 20