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Maryland Higher Education Commission
6 North Liberty Street
Baltimore, MD  21201


Hours of Operation: Monday​ through Friday, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm


Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) 

Phone Number: (410) 767-3300
Toll Free Phone: (800) 974-0203
Fax: (410) 332-0250

For questions about your financial aid application or award, please log into MDCAPS at and send us an email through your secure account.

For problems logging into your MD CAPS account, first read the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document located on the MDCAPS homepage at  If you still cannot log in to your account, please email OSFA at

For information on Financial Aid Outreach Events or Publications, contact Benee Edwards at

      Name                                 Position Title                                    Email                                     

 Donna Thomas                     OSFA Director                       
 Jacqueline Colkley                OSFA Associate Director   



Department of Academic Affairs, Research & Policy Analysis, Private Career Schools, Department of Finance and Administration 

Phone Number: (410) 767-3300
Toll Free Phone: (800) 974-0203
Fax: (410) 332-0270

Visitors who are hard of hearing, deaf or speech-disabled and who use a TTY or text telephone can contact MHEC via Maryland Relay (Dial 7-1-1 or 800-735-2258)

Please direct all questions or comments about our web site to:  We welcome email correspondence from anyone, but we do not accept attachments.​​​​​



Staff Contact Information



Name Position Title Email
James D. Fielder, Jr., Ph.D. Secretary of Higher Education
Deborah Ing Special Assistant to the Secretary


Name Position Title Email
Jennifer Katz Assistant Attorney General - Principal Counsel
Soma Kedia Assistant Attorney General



Name Position Title Email
Emily A.A. Dow, Ph.D.           Assistant Secretary for Academic Affairs
Trish Gordon-McCown           Director of Academic Affairs

Collegiate Unit 

​ ​
Name Position Title Email
Karen King-Sheridan Associate Director of Collegiate Affairs
Glenda Abney Education Policy Analyst             
Lyndsay Bates Education Policy Analyst
Jacqueline Cade Education Policy Analyst
Bryson Barksdale Online Education Analyst   
Vacant Administrative Specialist
Vacant ​Online Education Support Specialist

Private Career Schools 

Name Position Title Email
Ashley Wallace, Ph.D. Associate Director of Career and Workforce Education
Vacant Senior Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education
Angela Carroll Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education
Eric Jackson Education Analyst-Career/Workforce Education  
Ronda Brown Administrative Aide -Career/Workforce Education

Veterans Affairs 

Name Position Title Email
Everette Jackson, Jr.  Associate Director of Veterans Affairs
Olayta Rigsby Veterans Affairs Analyst
Wayne Holmes Veterans Affairs Analyst
Vacant Administrative Aide


Name Position Title Email
Geoffrey Newman Assistant Secretary of Higher Education

Office of Budget and Finance 

Name Position Title Email
Aubrey Bascombe Director
Vacant Administrative Officer
Lakeisha Thornton  Procurement Officer
Les Hodgson Staff Accountant

Office of Facilities/Capital Budget Oversight 

Name Position Title Email
Daniel Schuster  Finance Policy Analyst
Anthony Reiner Finance and Facilities

Office of Information Technology 

Name Position Title Email
Parris Jackson Director
Alexander Robertson Systems Specialist
Lisa Stollof Database Specialist
Swagata Pramanik Systems Specialist 
Vacant Systems Specialist



Name Position Title Email
Lee Towers Executive Director

Office of Communications 

Name Position Title Email
Rhonda Wardlaw   Director
Office of Outreach and Grants Management 
Name Position Title Email
Beneé​ Edwards Grants Management Manager
Peggy Daw Nurse Support Program II Grant Manager
Kimberly Ford Nurse Support Program II Grant Specialist  ​

Vacant Outreach Specialist
Kendall Cook GEAR UP/CPIP Grant Coordinator 
Deborah Lee GEAR UP Grant Support Specialist

Office of Legislative Affairs 

Name Position Title Email
Lee Towers Director

Office of Research and Policy Analysis  

Name Position Title Email
Barbara Schmertz, Ph.D. Director
Vacant Associate Director
Ann Kellogg, Ph.D. Director of Reporting Services
Alexia Van Orden Research Analyst
Sarahita Wyatt-Paige Research Analyst