Veterans Affairs and State Approving Agency

​The Maryland Higher Education Commission serves as the official State Approving Agency (or SAA), an approving authority for the U. S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Effective March 17, 2020: As it pertains to academic program and institutional approval, MHEC is only accepting electronic submissions at this time.  Submissions sent via USPS or other mail carriers will have a delay in processing.  

All State Approving Agency applications should be sent to

For questions regarding GI Bill® Education benefits, please review updates and webinars from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) at ​

For COVID-19 information affecting Education benefits from the DVA, please visit the following resource: DVA COVID-19 Education Benefits


The SAA has approved and supervises over 400 postsecondary institutions that are legally operating in Maryland, including public and private colleges, universities, community colleges, training academies, high schools and private career schools.

In order for a veteran, reservist or dependent to use their GI Bill® benefits, the program must be approved by a State Approving Agency.

The Maryland State Approving Agency for Veterans Education Programs has been designated by the Maryland Higher Education Commission to approve programs in accordance with the standards and provisions of Chapters 30, 32, 33, 34, 35, and 36 of Title 38, U.S.C., and Chapters 1606 and 1607 of Title 10, U.S.C..


  • To promote and safeguard quality education and training programs for all Veterans and other eligible persons.
  • To increase the awareness of every Veteran, Service Member and/or eligible dependent concerning the full range of both educational and training opportunities available in the State of Maryland.
  • To protect the GI Bill® resources available for those programs.


Resources for Approved Institutions

Please review the Department of Veterans Affairs online resources for the most recent updates.

MD SAA IHL-NCD Catalog May 2021.docxMD SAA IHL-NCD Catalog May 2021.docx​​​

MD SAA ONLINE Annual Catalog Review/Program Application (IHLs & NCD)​

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Education & Training​​

WEAMS Public Program Inventory (List of Approved Programs)

Restoration of Benefits After School Closure or if a School is Disapproved for

GI Bill® Benefits

** See requirements for Maryland Postsecondary School Closures 

and Closed School Transcripts

Find State Approving Agencies

The approval authority for GI Bill® programs generally begins with the individual states via the State Approving Agency (SAA) of jurisdiction.  Contact your SAA for approval of education and training programs in your respective state. 


Recent updates --

COVID-19 Information Affecting Education Benefits  

Harry W. Colmery Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2017, also known as the “Forever GI Bill”  

-          Monthly Housing Allowances (Branches/Extension Sites/Distance Education)

The law requires the monthly housing allowance (MHA) to be calculated based on the zip code

of the campus where the student physically attends the majority of classes, rather than the location of the institution of higher learning where the student is enrolled. This applies to the 

first enrollment in an educational program on or after August 1, 2018.

-          SCO Training Requirements

-          Edith Nourse Rogers Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) Scholarship

-         Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC)​

-         Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP)​

Do You Have Questions for Another State Agency? Find a Veterans Liaison here.

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MHEC Switchboard Operator   410-767-3300 or 800-974-0203 -- Fax 410-332-0270

Maryland State Approving Agency for Veterans Education & Training 

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​Associate Director of Veterans Affairs ​410-767-3095​ ​
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Wayne Holmes​ ​Veterans Affairs Analyst ​410-767-3091​ ​
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“GI Bill®” is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government website at​