Outreach Publications

Thank you for your interest in MHEC's annual State financial aid publications.

These publications may be printed and downloaded for use in your own web pages. All publications may be downloaded free of cost. If you have questions or issues regarding MHEC outreach publications, please contact MHEC by phone at 410-767-3350 or by email at isaiah.elis@maryland.gov.​

​2020 - 2021 Publications English Spanish​
College 411 Tri-Fold​ College 411 FY 2021.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Legislative Bi-Fold Legislative Scholarships FY 2021.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Howard P Rawlings Bi-Fold​ HowardPRawlings FY 2021.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Tuition Waiver Bi-Fold Tuition Waivers FY 2021.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship ​View (N/A)​ ​View (N/A)

​2020 - 2021 One-Pagers English Spanish​
Guaranteed Access Grant  GAONEPAGER20.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Educational Assistance Grant  EAONEPAGER20.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Teaching Fellows of Maryland Scholarship ​ TeachingFellowsofMarylandScholarshipOne Pager20.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship ​ Maryland_Community_College_Promise_Scholarship20.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Legislative Scholarships   ​ LEGONEPAGER20.pdf View ​View (N/A)

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