Outreach Events and Publications

Thank you for your interest in MHEC's State financial aid events and publications. We are currently updating all of the publications and one-pagers.  

If you are interested in having MHEC attend an outreach event, please contact Benee Edwards at benee.edwards@maryland.gov.

Meanwhile, the publications below may be printed and downloaded for your use.  If you have questions or issues regarding MHEC outreach publications, please contact Rhonda Wardlaw at rhonda.wardlaw@maryland.gov.

​2021 - 2022 Publications English Spanish​
College 411 Tri-Fold​ College 411 FY 2021.pdf View​​ ​View (N/A)
​Legislative Bi-Fold Legislative Scholarships FY 2021.pdf View​ ​View (N/A)
​Howard P Rawlings Bi-Fold​ HowardPRawlings FY 2021.pdf View​ ​View (N/A)
​Tuition Waiver Bi-Fold Tuition Waivers FY 2021.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship ​   ​   View​ View (N/A)

​2021 - 2022 One-Pagers English Spanish​
Guaranteed Access Grant  GAONEPAGER20.pdf View​​​​ ​View (N/A)
​Educational Assistance Grant  EAONEPAGER20.pdf View ​View (N/A)
​Teaching Fellows of Maryland Scholarship ​ TeachingFellowsofMarylandScholarshipOne Pager20.pdf View​​ ​View (N/A)
​Maryland Community College Promise Scholarship Timeline ​ Maryland_Community_College_Promise_Scholarship20.pdf View​ ​View (N/A)
​Legislative Scholarships   ​ LEGONEPAGER20.pdf View​ ​View (N/A)
​Student Loan Debt Relief Tax Credit                                                                         View         View   ​ 

Flyers for the Maryland State Financial Aid Application​  (MSFAA) :

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