Academic Program Proposals From Degree-Granting Institutions Authorized to Operate in the State of Maryland

Certificate Programs

Directed Technology Certificate (as outlined in COMAR 13B.02.03.25.C)

An institution shall provide a copy of the curriculum and a letter from the president of the institution that responds to the following:

(f)    The curriculum for the certificate has been developed in consultation with a specific employer or employers to meet specific training needs;

(g)   The curriculum has been reviewed by the appropriate curriculum approval bodies at the institution;

(h)    A content specialist will be assigned to ensure high standards and maintain written documentation about the curriculum; and

(i)      Financial resources are adequate to support the curriculum. Please complete Table 1: Resources and Narrative Rationale and Table 2: Program Expenditures and Narrative Rationale​. 

New Certificate in Existing Degree Programs (as outlined in COMAR 13B.02.03.25.D) 

A program proposal for a new certificate in an existing degree program may be made in a document that:

(a)    Explains the centrality of the proposed certificate program to the mission of the institution;

(b)    Provides evidence of the market demand for the proposed certificate program;

(c)    Sets out the curriculum design; and

(d)    Shows that adequate faculty resources exist for the proposed certificate program.

(e)    Includes a non-substantial modication cover sheet​