St. John's College

St. John's is the third oldest college in the United States. Students and faculty work together in small discussion classes - without lecture courses, written finals, or emphasis on grades. A rigorous all-required curriculum is based on great books - literature, mathematics, philosophy, theology, sciences, political theory, music, history, economics - from Homer to Freud, Euclid to Einstein. These works challenge our understanding, provoke our questioning and move us to examine our intellectual heritage. Students are avid readers, excited by ideas and serious discussion. St. John's has another campus in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The common curriculum enables students and faculty to move from one campus to the other.

The Graduate Institute in Liberal Education offers graduate-level study based on the principles of the St. John's undergraduate program to a wide variety of students. The program is organized into five semester-long thematic segments: Philosophy and Theology, Politics and Society, Literature, Mathematics and Natural Science, and History. Originally founded in 1967 as the Teachers Institute in Liberal Education, The Graduate Institute has a commitment to the education of teachers as a part of its mission and therefore offers grants to educators.


Type of Institution: Independent 4-year

Degrees or Awards: Bachelor's, Master's

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