Low Income Form for the Guaranteed Access Grant Program

The Low Income Form is necessary for certain Guaranteed Access Grant applicants to complete and submit if the family did not file a 2017 tax return and whose household income is below a certain threshold.

How do I properly Complete the Low Income Form?

Section A: Students must provide their demographic information in this section along with the MHEC ID number. This information will be used to access a student’s file and update it accordingly.
Section B: Requires the student to enter any income received in the 2017 tax year for each of the listed expenses. This would be money received directly or indirectly.

Section C: Is to be completed by the students and parent if the student is a dependent; or the student or spouse, if the student is independent. The student, parent, or spouse must report any money received from the following sources in 2017 and the amount. Each line should have a numeric value, including $0 if there was no money received from a particular income source listed. Blanks are not acceptable and will be reported as incomplete.

The values reported for each field should be reflective of the total monthly income received.

Common Mistakes
  • Students do not include a 0 in the section that they did not receive funding for
  • Students do not include the total monthly income amount

A friendly reminder that all information for consideration of the Guaranteed Access Grant program must be submitted to MHEC by April 1, 2019.