Academic Programs and Institutional Approvals

Effective March 17, 2020: As it pertains to academic program and institutional approval, MHEC is only accepting electronic submissions at this time. Submissions sent via USPS or other mail carriers will have delay in processing. This will remain in effect until the State of Emergency declared by Governor Larry Hogan is lifted.

IMPORTANT NOTICE​Under Governor Larry Hogan's declaration of a state of emergency in Maryland due to the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic, deadlines related to MHEC's review of academic program proposals and the Commission's review of decisions are extended.  Please review the notice of this suspension. While the deadlines for academic program review are extended, MHEC will continue to review academic program proposals during this time.

The Department of Collegiate Affairs, within MHEC, is responsible for establishing minimum requirements for issuing certificates, diplomas, and degrees by public and nonpublic institutions of postsecondary education in the State of Maryland in accordance with State regulations COMAR 13B.02.03. It is also responsible for approving institutions wishing to operate and offer degrees and/or certificates within the State of Maryland.
The State of Maryland 2015 General Assembly passed legislation that permits the Maryland Higher Education Commission (MHEC) to establish regulations for the State to participate in the State Authorization and Reciprocity Agreement (SARA).

  • Process for Education Institutions seeking an exemption 
    • Religious Institutions​ seeking to be certified by the State of Maryland to offer religious degrees only within the State in accordance with Annotated Code of Maryland Education Article §11–202.1 and​ State regulations COMAR 13B.02.04. ​​